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write minimum 2000 words based on the instructionsNO PLAGIARISM! 2) Application Essay (30 points).You will write an application essay based of the discussion leader assignment one (1) I have completed. The essay should be no more than 10 pages, double-spaced and use 12-point font.Please follow the guidelines below in addition to paper submission guidelines contained in the course syllabus and the CANVAS getting started module on course requirements.a) A clear and concise introduction of your topic (what your essay is about) and the specific case or real-life event of conflict, violence, peace, or conflict resolution. On the topic: What topic do you address? What type of conflict (or violence, peace, conflict resolution) will you discuss and what specific aspect will you focus on? On the case: What real life event of conflict, violence, peace, or conflict resolution will you be analyzing using the theory or concept you have selected? Provide your reader with a brief description of the real-life event (the case). Give the reader some context.b) Your essay should have a main argument or idea – What is the main point you want to make about the conflict topic you learned from the assigned readings in relation to the case?c) Define and briefly discuss the concept, theory, model of conflict you will use to help us understand the real-life conflict. What theory, concept or model (from the assigned readings) did you use for analyzing the case? How appropriate was it for analyzing the conflict/peace/violence event? Give good reasonsd) Application. Show clearly how the concept, theory, model of conflict selected from the assigned readings expands our understanding of the case or, show how (in what way) the case illustrates concept, theory, model well. Give good reasons and evidence from the case and readings.e) Provide a conclusion that discusses your findings and their implication. Your conclusion should tell the reader a) What you discovered or learned from applying knowledge learned to understand/explain the real-life event or what found most interesting/important; b) what your findings (new knowledge gained or generated) reveal about conflictive/violent/peace events such the real-life event you study and or the theory, model, concepts you used to analyze the war.Please note the followingWritten assignments, such essays, are opportunities for you to develop and demonstrate your ability to:a) Read and comprehend sources of information (understanding)b) Apply knowledge learned creatively (creative use of model, theory, concepts, and insights),c) Assess value of knowledge learned (critical analysis),d) Locate information to answer the question from the course readings and beyond these (research skill).e) Communicate clearly, concisely, persuasively in keeping with the professional requirements of academic writing (Academic/scholarly, professional writing skills)Avoid using several pages to restate what we already know about the case and readings. Instead, use more space to discuss the more interesting aspects (see tasks – b, c, and d). Weak essays tend to rely on the instructor’s or student presenters’ power point presentations only, show little or no evidence that you read assigned course texts, and show weak or no integration of insights from readings to make a compelling argument about the specific conflict event and such conflicts in general.Use the APA citation style for proper attribution of sources of information and insights used in your essay. Use prose – do not present the reader with a list of bullet points.Please note that the assessment rubric is not an outline for your essay. It is an assessment tool the instructor uses and is shared so you know what important elements are.Please follow all those instructions above. Besides, the Essay based on the Student Presentation powerpoint here, and also f please do not use outside sources, specially those that are not related to this issues.Use the APA citation style for proper attribution of sources of information and insights used in your essay.ReferencesAvruch, K. (2013). Context and Pretext in Conflict Resolution: Culture, Identity, Power, and Practice. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers. . Chapter 5.Brigg, M. and Muller, K. (2009). Conceptualizing Culture in Conflict Resolution. Journal of Intercultural Studies, 30(2), 121-140.Busch, D. (2012). Cultural Theory and conflict management in organizations: How does theory shape our understanding of culture in practice? International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, 12 (1), 9-124.Busch, D. (2010). How does Culture Affect Conflict Mediation? Disentangling concepts from Theory and Practice, In D. Busch, C-H. Mayer, and C.M. Boness (Eds.), International and Regional Perspectives on Cross-Cultural Mediation (pp.15-47). Peter Lang.If you need additional information Please let me know


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