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Using an ethics topic, write a 1300 – 1700 word essay that identifies an ethical issue(s) and describes, analyzes, and evaluates the arguments surrounding the moral question. This essay should be properly APA or MLA formatted, with appropriate citations and references.
1. Your thesis statement must be approved in Module 7.
Thesis Statement: Due to its advantages, it ought to be lawful. Rather, Medical Marijuana must be legalized for its therapeutic properties, its suggestions to our general set of laws, and our economy.
2. The thesis statement must take a position on one of the following issues:
recreational marijuana
3. The essay must apply two and only two ethical theories to support the thesis. The ethical theories that are available to be applied are:
virtue ethics (Aristotle)
social contract theory (Hobbes, Locke, or Rawls)
utilitarianism (Bentham, Millo, or Singer)
duty ethics (Kant)
natural law ethics (Aquinas)
care ethics (Nodding)
existentialism (Sarte or Nietzsche)
3. You must cite at least 3 sources. At least two must be a primary source — the writings of a philosopher.
4. Here are some thesis statement examples:
Opposition to the death penalty can be supported using virtue ethics and utilitarianism.
The right to die with dignity can be supported using duty ethics and care ethics.
Same-sex marriage can be supported using utilitarianism and duty ethics.
The legalization of the use of marijuana for recreation can be supported using utilitarianism and duty ethics.
Laws ensuring access to healthcare for all can be supported using social contract theory and utilitarianism.
4. All papers should strive to address these issues from a philosophical perspective. Logical argument and scientific data should be the stuff of your paper. Not personal opinion or even personal experience.
The essay MUST follow the precise structure described below to be eligible for a grade:
Paragraph 1: Introduction (state the thesis)
Paragraph 2: Background (give a relevant history of the issue and current laws, if applicable)
Paragraph 3: Explain Theory 1 (probably Virtue Ethics, Duty Ethics, or Utilitarianism)
Paragraph 4: Apply Theory 1 to your thesis
Paragraph 5: Explain Theory 2
Paragraph 6: Apply Theory 2 to your thesis
Paragraph 7: Evaluate the approaches
Paragraph 8: Conclusion (summarize and/or restate the thesis)


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