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Subjects covered: Scientific Method, Why Geology?, Plate Tectonics, and Minerals DISCUSSION POSTING: Find one news article (1 year or younger) that relates to one of the topics that we’ve covered in this section (see above). Read the article thoroughly. Post an approximately 300-word summary of the article (that’s about one long paragraph) . Make sure to fact-check your article! (How? Try the GLAD (Links to an external site.) method.) In your posting, be sure to include/respond to the following: Which class topic does the article relate to? Explain how/why. (It must be one of the topics listed above.) the article’s thesis the main conclusions of the article make sure to include the URL of the article so that others can read it! Hints for a successful posting: Craft your summary in a word-processing document such as MS Word, then cut and paste the final version into your discussion post. Your posting should be college-level, with complex, in-depth explanations. I’m looking for nuance here. Proofread for college-level grammar, punctuation, and spelling! You will receive a higher grade if your article and summary include discussion of the social aspects of the topic, such as social inequity, climate inequity, community effects such as environmental damage, etc. In other words, give us the human aspect of the article’s topic. DISCUSSION REPLY: (Due one week after the Posting due date). After posting, reply to one other person’s post. You cannot reply to a post that already has a reply from another student! You’ll need to read their article, then comment on the following (Links to an external site.): Was the article related to the topic described? Why or why not? Was the summary sufficient to give you a basic understanding of the article’s topic? Why or why not? What was one thing that you learned from the article? Hints for a successful reply using the SPARK (Links to an external site.) method: Specific: Comments are linked to a discrete word, phrase, or sentence. Prescriptive: Like a medical prescription that aims to solve an ailment, prescriptive feedback offers a solution or strategy to improve the work, including possible revisions or links to helpful resources or examples. Actionable: When the feedback is read, it leaves the peer knowing what steps to take for improvement. Referenced: The feedback directly references the task criteria, requirements, or target skills. Kind: It’s mandatory that all comments be framed in a kind, supportive way. Search entries or author


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