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introduction should be a brief overview of your paper and labeled
“Introduction.” Make sure to briefly and clearly state the purpose of
this paper, who your chosen Calpulli member is, how their history
relates to yours, and the main Latinx/Chicanx themes/similarities you
have identified in your calpulli history. Make sure to include why your
calpulli history is important/significant within the larger narrative
of history. Your introduction should be at least 1/2 a page.Calpulli HistoryMake sure to
label this section “Calpulli History.” In this section, you will
describe your Calpulli History. Who, what, when, where, why, how, etc.
Be as clear, descriptive, and concise as possible. Assume that your
reader knows nothing about your Calpulli History. Provide the reader
with all the information they will need to know when you start
explaining how your Calpulli history relates to the historical themes of
this class. This is a space for you to formally share your individual,
meaningful, and beautiful history. Regardless of how dominant society
has characterized your history, your history is beautiful and
meaningful. Ethnic Studies is about honoring that and unlearning
everything we know or have been formally taught about our ancestors.
Feel free to quote your Calpulli member in their native
language/colloquialisms to maintain the originality of your culture and
history. This section should be at least 1 page.
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome
Label this
section “Analysis.” This is where things get fun and you get to provide
an analysis of your Calpulli history! In this section, you will clearly
state and explain two themes you have identified form this class that
relate to your Calpulli history. You will then explain how these themes
relate and clearly highlight the parallels between your Calpulli history
and the two themes you identified. Specifically, you will state the two
themes you chose (one-by-one), define them, and explain how we can see
them working within your Calpulli history. It is okay if you minimally
repeat some of the context in your Calpulli Life History section.
However, this section needs to be mainly displaying your knowledge of
historical themes. This section should be around 2 pages. Make sure to
bold and italicize the historical themes you have identified.4 Pages Double Spaced: Your paper has to be 4 pages double-spaced at minimumYour paper may be longer than 4 pages if necessary, but it MUST be AT LEAST 4 FULL pages.


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