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I’m working on a management question and need guidance to help me study.Prompt Due- 1/2/20 – APA format- 2 pagesNetworking and Identifying Your Next CareerIn preparation to create your Career Development Assignment:Review the networking resources ( Reading Below)
See self-assessments results attached related to career planning.
After reviewing the resources and completing the self-assessment(s), prepare a draft of your personal brand image, to include the following:Describe the important elements that create the best image of your values, skills, and career preferences.
Identify and explain the steps you will take to identify and obtain your next career move.
What objectives will help you achieve your vision?
What time frame will you set for yourself to complete your objectives?
What changes do you anticipate in your career area and how can you position yourself for alignment with these changes?
You have multiple options for how you may present your Career Development Assignment, including the following:A written reflective essay approximately 2 pages in length.
Your well-developed submission should meet the following requirements, regardless of the presentation format you choose:
Include an introduction, a conclusion, and a references list
Address all five components listed above
Include proper citation of any graphs or figures that you do not create yourself
Be formatted according to the CSU Global Writing Center
Networking Resources Reading–Networking is utilizing the connections in your life to help with a job search or career development. The benefits of networking could include getting introductions to other professionals in your field, learning new developments in your industry, or getting an inside track on upcoming opportunities.When the word “networking” is used to describe interacting with contacts, people tend to shudder at the thought. More than 75% of people say networking is the thing they fear most during their professional lives, even more over public speaking.Yet, networking is simply talking to people and exchanging information and resources. Networking is an ongoing, reciprocal relationship with people who might need your skills and from whom you might gain information and resources. It should be about building lasting friendships and mutually beneficial contacts.As such, networking is one of the most effective ways to find a job or internship. By knowing people and sharing knowledge, we are best situated to access what some refer to as the “hidden job market,” which are opportunities that may be available but are not posted on job boards due to an employer already knowing of qualified candidates. Thus, networking and getting your name out there can be a huge benefit to your career and job search.Networking can also be helpful for:Career exploration
Information gathering
Personal development
Networking can either be enjoyable or intimidating, depending on one’s comfort level with approaching and speaking to people they don’t know. However, we can all get out of our comfort zone and learn to be good networkers!Networking is NOT:One way
Using people
Seeing how many business cards you can collect
A one-time occurrence when you need a job or internship
To network successfully, you first must know yourself, your skills and strengths, and your goals. Take some time to explore your interests and values related to work, take stock of what you offer an employer, and determine your target.After determining what you want to pursue and what you bring to the table, develop a 15-20-second pitch to use when asked “So, what do you do for a living?” in a networking or social situation, or in response to “Tell me about yourself” during a job interview. The pitch is a glimpse about your qualifications and passions, serving as a springboard for further conversation. It is not a detailed account of your life or a plea for a job. Practice your pitch in front of a mirror and/or with another person until you feel comfortable.
Requirements: .doc file


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