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Assignment 1 Project Evaluation / Initiation (Individual Submission) Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date Assignment 1 100 10.00% 02/08/2016 All students need to submit an individual copy of this activity. This has to be each students own work (not team based). For assignment 1 you will need to do all the activities specified in the following section. Details for assignment will be drafted on the CIS3007 study desk during the semester. Please check the study desk regularly for details. In the meantime in preparation for the rest of the assignments for the semester you need to do the following: • read assignment specification and activities • install the needed development environment • join a team and put in the team membership forms • familiarise yourself with the development environment • run sample applications to get the feel for the design and implementation of the solutions • start recording the activities that you have started in order to finalise the project This will allow you to start making plans in regards to your design and deliverable 2 designs and reporting requirements. For the project you will need access to a Project Management Software and a UML diagramming software. If you have access to Project Management or UML software you can use that for the project but you will still need to do the steps associated with assignment 1 for activities c and d. You can also use the Microsoft Project 2010 software that you may have used from previous courses. You may try and get a copy by follow the instructions . Assignment 1 Activities a.) Download the instructions on how to download and install the needed software for development, the example programs, and the textbook in pdf format. b.) Follow the instructions and install the needed software and documentation for the course and build the needed development environment. c.) Evaluate 3 web based Project Management software as a possible tool for the course. Evaluation is to be done by listing their strengths and weaknesses and suitability for the project needs. d.) Evaluate 3 possible UML tools to use for the diagrammatic activities during this course. Evaluation is to be done listing their strengths and weaknesses and suitability for the project needs. e.) Run and familiarise yourself with the sample solution. You will need to run 2 sample applications dukes-forest and duke-bookstore. On my system they are located on c:glassfish4docsjavaee-tutorialexamplescase-studiesdukes-forest and c:glassfish4docsjavaee-tutorialexamplescase-studiesdukes-bookstore. This may vary depending on you setup. You will need to provide a screen capture of the two applications running on your development system. f.) Identify different J2EE technologies used in the sample application that you think will be required in the project. You will need to do some research here. The specification document will list a number of technologies but some of them might not be relevant to the current implementation solution. For each of the technologies write a short description of the purpose and where it would be used in the project. g.) Using your selected Project Management tool create a new project and add to the project all the activities you have done so far and time taken to those activities. You need to do this in detail and not as a general entry. You need to document all activities relevant to the project and the time spent on them up to now. You will later as a team create and manage another project to record the activities and progress of the team. h.) Created a team and filled in the team nomination form. Anybody without a team member will be put into the team randomly for the duration of the project. Only changes will be considered if team members drop the course. i.) Install and walkthrough the glassfish training at . You will need to download and install the project (MoviePlex) file and the instructions for the training. Solutions are also included if you het stuck. Assignment 1 Deliverables You will be required to supply the following activities. The CIS3007 study desk will provide details and link to the submission page. For fist subdivision provide the following activities (Activity c (20 marks)) • Discussion on the 3 Project tools evaluated and the strengths and weaknesses of the tool. Identify the tool you will use during the semester Evaluate by listing their strengths and weaknesses and suitability for the project needs. (Activity d (20 marks)) • Discussion on the 3 UML tools evaluated and the strengths and weaknesses of the tool. Identify the tool you will use during the semester Evaluate by listing their strengths and weaknesses and suitability for the project needs. (Activity e (30 marks)) • Screen capture of the two sample solution running on your development computer. You need to show that you have managed to get the development environment up and running and ready for work. This is an absolute must. (Activity f (10 marks)) • List and describe the technologies (a brief description of what the technology does and where it would be used in the project) you think the team will need to understand in order to implement a solution for the project. (Activity g (20 marks)) • Printout the project activities from the Project Management software you are using which records all you activates including this one. This needs to be properly layabout and time allocated.


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