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Assessment 1: Knowledge Questions Student Name: This assessment has been designed to allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of counselling frameworks. You are required to read and respond to each of the questions below in your own words. You will be assessed on your ability to: Demonstrate your knowledge of counselling frameworks in your responses Demonstrate critical thinking skills to present information using logical sequencing and apply knowledge accurately Demonstrate literacy skills to read, interpret and respond to the questions in your own words, using industry appropriate and non-discriminatory language. Read through the questions carefully and respond to them in full using your own words and referencing any researched material. Any incorrect or incomplete responses will be returned to you with feedback to allow you to resubmit. If you require additional training or guidance on the topic, you can negotiate time with your tutor for assistance. Questions Q1: What information should you provide to the client at the initial session? Q2: What information should you gather from the client at the initial session? Q3: Give an example of two (2) questions you may ask to encourage clients to identify practical goals. Answer: 1. 2. Tutor Use Only Successful Unsuccessful Date: Tutor Feedback: Q4: A woman walks into the service and is pacing the floor and unable to settle. Describe how you would make her feel at ease and describe how she is feeling and why. Q5: A woman comes into the service and has a black eye and a cut to her lip. She explains her husband sees her as his ‘property’ and that is how things have always been in his family. He regularly hits her and calls her names. You have very strong feelings against domestic violence. How will you manage to work with this person without allowing your personal values and feelings to impact on your service delivery? Q6: A client you have been seeing for some time is complaining that he wants you to tell him what he needs to do to ‘get better’. He has been setting goals with you and making plans to remedy his situation but has not actually done anything to change the situation or act on his goals or plans. How do you clarify the nature of the counselling relationship without offending the client? What techniques would you use? Q7: You have a client who is always late for appointments, cancels without notice and calls and leaves messages saying she really needs to talk to you and you are never there when she needs you. You have tried calling her but she seldom answers her phone. You call her and this time she answers. What do you say? Q8: You have been meeting with Gerry who has been drinking excessively for some time. He has now come to a point where he feels he should ‘do something about it’. You are aware that there is a rehabilitation service where he can go for help. Explain the process you would use for referral. Q9: Gerry comes to his next appointment and tells you he has thought about your suggestion and would like to be referred to the rehabilitation service. He has a few concerns about having to tell his story all over again and is worried that he won’t be able to go through with the program. What would you do? Q10: List three (3) strategies you have in place to avoid burnout? Answer: 1. 2. 3. Tutor Use Only Successful Unsuccessful Date: Tutor Feedback: Q11: Read the ACA Code of Ethics and, in your own words, describe how Section 2 impacts on you as a worker in the community sector. (Minimum 200 words) Submission Instructions Please proofread your work and make a copy of your assessment. Submit your assessment by uploading your completed responses to my.evocca for marking by your tutor. Please rename the file to include your name: CHCCSL501A-A1 Your Name Tutor Overall Feedback Successful Unsuccessful Date:


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