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SEE THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT FOR FULL DETAILS Your task is to individually write a summary paper about climate change in your home location. Your paper must do the following: Connect one or more global climate trend(s) (g. in precipitation, temperature, sea level, snow depth, etc.) to at least one direct climate change impact in your home town/region; Connect the direct impact(s) to at least one indirect climate change impact (structural or economic); Use the scientific basis to explain why these impacts are expected (e. connect the identified impacts back to regional drivers of climate change); Propose one mitigation or adaptation strategy (using Project Drawdown (Links to an external site.) as a guide) that you think could be employed in your region. Please explicitly note whether the strategy that you select is best understood as adaptation or mitigation, and then discuss why you’ve chosen it, how it would be implemented, and what the advantages/disadvantages will be. In addressing your proposed mitigation or adaptation strategy, include at least one paragraph considering its equity dimensions. How does the strategy that you recommend engage with considerations of equity or environmental justice? If you do not believe that your proposed strategy directly engages with equity considerations, seek ways to enable it to explicitly address these considerations. As you prepare your equity discussion, please consider the following questions. Do certain individuals or populations stand to benefit most directly from this recommendation (g., property owners adjacent to a proposed infrastructure project)? How could you broaden the scope of who benefits from this recommendation? How can you make the process of implementing your recommendation as inclusive as possible? How can you make the result of your recommendation as inclusive as possible? How do you make sure that your proposed strategy is as widely accessible as possible? Use at least 6 credible sources (3 of which must be peer-reviewed journal articles; the others can be credible websites from research or governmental agencies, reports such as those from the IPCC, etc.). Helpful databases for finding peer-reviewed journal articles include Web of Science or Science Direct (both available through Tutt Library). I know the sheet says it is due today at 5 PM (Mountain Time) but I’m going to hand it in a day late (possibly later if I must) because obviously I can’t get this done in the next hour.


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