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Requirements:A report about a narrow topic, either assigned by me or of your own idea approved by me.
A minimum of 15 peer review references about the topic. These include peer review articles, scholarly books, chapters in an edited scholarly book, and peer reviewed government reports. Even a short mention, if relevant, pertaining to your topic in a paper/book about another topic can count. You can have other references (internet sites, popular books or articles), but these do not count toward the total.
Page length is variable, generally over 10 pages, plus bibliography or any illustrations you wish to provide. .
Organize how you see fit. There should be an abstract, an introduction, and a conclusion. You come up with a logical organization or division of the subtopics based on your readings..
Final draft formatPage setup: 8.5×11”, 1” margins on all sides. Include page numbers on all but the title page. 12 point font in a standard font (such as Times Roman, Arial, or Courier), double-spaced lines except for bibliography, which should be single spaced except between entries. Paragraphs should be separated by a line and indented. Text should be left justified (not full justified), except for the title page, in which the text should be centered.
Organization: Title page; abstract, body of paper (organized as appropriate, generally includes an introduction); bibliography; any appendices if relevant. Use headings (in Boldface, left justified)and subheadings (in italics, left justified)to clarify your organization.
Figures, illustrations, and tables may be embedded in the text, as appropriate. Alternately, they may be placed by themselves in numbered order at the end of the paper. Any figures you use must be referenced in the text (and therefore relevant); do not include figures that you do not mention. Number the figures sequentially. Number tables sequentially, separate from figures.
References: All sources must be cited, and everything cited must appear in the paper.I prefer that you make references in the text as follows: (Pope, 2001), instead of footnotes or sequential endnotes. When actually talking about the author, just cite the date, e.g. “When researching hurricanes, Pope (2004) found three possible threats…” Two authors include both names (Pope and Callanan, 2008), three or more use “et al.” (Pope et al., 2002). But, cite all the authors’ last and first names or initials in the bibliography.
When referencing multiple citations in the text, cite them in either alphabetical (Callanan, 2008; Pope, 2001; Pope et al. 2002; Yu, 2006) or date order (Pope, 2001; Pope et al., 2002, Yu, 2006; Callanan 2008).
Use the APA ( (Links to an external site.)) or Chicago Manual of Style (Links to an external site.)) formats for the bibliography.. Make sure you accurately cite Internet sources, and remember that some (but not all) peer review journals are not Internet sources primarily, and even if you get them off the Internet, they need not be cited as Internet, though adding a DOI reference is now appropraite. See me if you have questions.


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