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PHIL 1213 Introduction to Ethics Creative Project Assignment: to complete a project that demonstrates your knowledge of philosophies and philosophers studied this semester and that applies those philosophies to your own experiences. You may choose an essay, video, or PowerPoint presentation. Points Possible: 150 Objectives: • To demonstrate knowledge of philosophies and philosophers learned in this class • To integrate reasonable and varying evidence from experience, knowledge, and course resources • To achieve a tone that is both personable and academic • To produce a project in MLA format Topic Choices: You may choose one of the following topics or get approval for a different topic. Philosophical System Essay: Write an essay explaining which ethical philosophy most clearly represents your own family’s philosophy and whether you now follow that same philosophy. Use specific instances in your life when your family’s and your philosophical models either conflicted or revealed themselves to be the same. Center the paper around a specific story that clearly showed your differences/similarities with your family. Past Acts/Free Will v. Determinism Essay: Write an essay analyzing any decision you made about which you have strong feelings (either regret or pride) and analyze to what extent you feel that this act was freely done by you or was determined by other forces. Mention specific philosophers and how they might view your decisions. Movie/TV Series Analysis Essay: Analyze the message of a fictional movie or TV series in light of a philosophy that we have discussed this semester. Use scenes from the movie or series that illustrates your point. This topic is similar to the Character Analysis assignment you recently completed, but this is based on fiction. Add the movie or TV series to the Works Cited page. Specifics for Written Work: • 3-5 pages • MLA format (including Works Cited page and in-text citations) • Follow details of grading rubric PHIL 1213 Creative Project 2 Specifics of Video Presentations: • 3-5 min video • Works Cited slide or image at end • Follow details of grading rubric Specifics of PowerPoint Presentation (PPT): • Images and words on each slide • Cite images and info using MLA format o In-text citations o Works Cited slide in MLA format (not just hyperlinks) • Follow details of grading rubric Organization: Introduction: Explain your topic and the issues surrounding it. Summarize any literature, movie plots, or tell any personal stories. At the end of the introduction, you should have a thesis or a claim that clearly states the focus of your project. Body: Use topic sentences for essays and headings for videos or PPTs. Use any personal experience or quotations or paraphrases as evidence for your topic sentences. After your evidence, spend the majority of your body paragraphs analyzing the evidence in light of the theories or philosophies you apply to your own experience. Conclusion: Summarize the thesis. The conclusion is also a good place to explain anything you learned about yourself while writing the paper or taking the class. Grading Rubric: PHIL 1213 Creative Project Scoring Guide MLA format (10 points) • MLA format for essays • Best practices format for non-essay projects /10 Purpose (15 points) • Appropriate for subject, purpose, and audience • Min. of 3 full pages of text • 9-11 slides for PPT • 3-5 min. for video /15 Sources (20 points) • Reputable outside sources (if used) • Citation of textbook if no other outside sources • Appropriate inclusion of all • Smooth integration • Documentation in MLA format /20 PHIL 1213 Creative Project 3 • Use of in-text citations Composition (25 points) • Grammar and mechanics • Academic style • Unity and coherence • Engaging introduction • Satisfying conclusion • Logical organization /25 Content (80 points) • Clear, arguable thesis • Sufficient supporting evidence • Originality/creativity • Relevance • College-level analysis • More analysis than facts/summary /80 Total points possible (150) /15 


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