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I would like 2000 words for the results section and 2000 words for the analysis section
I work for a large firm that manufactures gas turbines. I have based my dissertation around cultures within the organisation and difficulties between production staff and management.
The aim of the paper is to gather a greater understanding on what creates culture within the workplace and what can be done to improve working relationships between the shop floor and managerial roles.
I have said the case study will concentrate on the engine build line as the organisation tries to cope with covid-19.
The build line was chosen as it has the shop floor fitters being directed by engineering and office production staff that are themselves instructed by commercial and senior management.
The organisation has sent all office staff home to reduce the risk of an outbreak stopping production. The only office staff remaining are those that directly assist The shop floor.
The business has done extremely well and managed to meet financial as well as volume targets for the financial year so all the employees feel satisfaction with the overall organisation.
The shop floor however feel that it has highlighted how many unnecessary roles have been created over the last few years in commercial and material management positions.
Production office staff and engineering office staff still at work feel the same as the shop floor but also resent those that they perceive are having it easy at home.
Engineering and commercial staff at home feel unsupported as they are aware of the resentment despite working hard and are struggling with the isolation of not seeing anyone. Some departments are meeting up with colleagues to work together whilst others haven’t seen anyone in 6 months. Some managers haven’t spoken to there employees in months.
Managers all feel they have done a good job following the instructions from there senior managers because the organisation met its targets but haven’t spent time to get any feedback from those that work for them. And are letting there staff down by not having any personal chats or asking how people are doing emotionally
In my methodology section I have said I have 40 volunteers from all different departments. The first step of the research was To be qualitative where I asked 4 open ended questions via video call
How do you feel the organisation has coped during the pandemic
How do you feel the organisation has supported you during the pandemic
How do you feel it has supported others during the pandemic
What should the organisation learn from how it has handled the last 6 months
The answers from this will be used to formulate some quantitative research in the form of closed questions. With answers scored 1 strongly agree through to 5 strongly disagree
20 Questions such as the following
If they are shop floor, office based or managerial
Then things like I am encouraged to give my opinion
I believe my opinion is valued by team members
I believe my opinion is valued by managers
I believe the organsitation has handled Covid well
I believe the organisation has my health and well being as a main priority
I believe my manager has my health and well being as a main priority
Analysis to concentrate on lack of upward feedback and communication, lack of emotional and mental support from managers towards there employees.
Managers concentrating on results and not of the personal relationships etc literature review was about culture, management models and communication.
No sources required for results but a few in analysis


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